Life is busy and we all get stressed. Stress can come from anywhere whether it be work or home and can affect everyone in a different way. Some people thrive on stress whilst others retreat but no matter how stress affects you, a lot of stress will have a negative impact.

April is Stress Awareness Month so for this, I thought I would contribute my ten cents by providing ten tried and tested ways that have personally helped me reduce stress… and might help you too!


There is such a strong culture these days that we always have to be doing something, we always have to be busy. But why?

We’re a generation who once we accomplish one task, instead of taking time to reflect or enjoy the success, we’re quickly jumping onto the next thing. We take no time to breathe, we take no time for space.

The more you have on your plate, the less time you have to devote to each individual task and the longer our to do list, the more stress increases. We’re so scared of FOMO but we don’t have to do everything. It’s ok to say no, it’s actually empowering to say no.


A good night’s sleep works wonders. Tiredness dulls both the mind and body, we just don’t function quite as well. We get snappy and we can get arsey and things can have a deeper emotional impact than if we were well rested.

Sleep is so underrated but no one has ever wished to sleep less. Sleep is amazing.


Meditation is a great way to start your day. By taking some minutes on a morning, you will have a more positive outlook on the day. When your outlook is positive, stress does not affect you quite as much.

Meditation gives you the time to recentre yourself and just calm your mind. Our heads are always so busy and it is incredibly important to give it some chill time.


Just like a lack of sleep, a lack of hydration will affect both your mind and body resulting in the way stress effects you. Without hydration, you become sluggish which is really not how you want to be feeling when you have a bit of stress on your shoulders.


Sometimes you just need to breathe through it. It sounds cliche but it is so true. Taking the space to breathe helps you to take a moment to find some clarity and calm down.

Breathing is such a simple part of life that generally, we don’t even think about so taking a moment to reconnect with yourself helps to soothe.


Make sure you are taking the time for you. Don’t let your life become about your stress. I could bang on and on about how important self care is. Instead, I will direct you to this post about the 5 layers of self care you really need to be giving attention.


As hippy as it sounds, essential oils really, really work. Lavender is amazing for relaxation and sleep. Lemon, lime and orange are uplifting. Chamomile fights stress and promotes relaxtion. Bergamot promotes joy and energy. Ylang ylang enhances mood.

Get an oil diffuser for your room to help you relax after a stressful day or buy a lava stone bracelet so you can have your prefered essential oil with you throughout the day.


Mindfulness is all about being present. Usually stress is not based on the task at hand but fretting over something in the past or worrying about something in the future. We can’t change the past and we can’t control the future, the only thing we can do is focus on the present.

This will also help with long to do lists if you focus on the current task rather than being concerned over what is next on the list.


There are some pretty awesome products on the market these days to help take you away from stress after a difficult day. Spacemasks provide amazing relaxation whilst This Works Stress Relief roll-ons target pulse points to provide a calming effect.


Sometimes if stress is eating you up, it’s better to remove yourself from the situation. How long for doesn’t matter and will depend on your individual situation but taking some time away from what is causing you stress gives you a break to prevent more stress building and you can often come back to the situation with fresh eyes and a better attitude.

I hope you find some of the tips helpful!

Steph x

This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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