Last Summer, I really got into podcasts and I’ve been obsessed over since. I listen when I’m getting ready on a morning, I listen during my car journeys and I listen if I ever go for a solo walk. Podcasts never fail to provide me with either a good belly laugh or a positive vibe.

Over the last ten or so months, I have listened to a whole variety of podcasts from the hilarious My Dad Wrote a Porno to the topical Get It Off Your Breasts but my favourite podcasts without a doubt are mindful and wellness podcasts.


Georgie Morley, a wellness blogger, hosts the lovely Chasing Joy podcast. Each week she interviews a different woman in wellness to provide positive vibes and a little bit of life advise. I love listening to how each woman got into wellness and what they offer that is different to everyone else. All the lovely ladies she interviews are either bloggers or creatives so I feel like I can always really relate to them. This podcast is basically like sitting down in coffee shop and chatting with your friends… except you’re just there to listen haha! It has such a warm feel to it and a positive vibe that it is such a joy to listen to.


From the creatives of Girlboss., Self Service is described as your cosmic, comfort zone. Hosted by Jerico Mandybur, she invites guests and regulars to discuss wellness, mindfulness, spirituality and astrology. It is a very hippy, dippy podcast but lifts your spirits. The tarot card section is not really by jam but I love hearing about astrology and what the stars have in store for us. It’s really educational and it is where I learnt about Mercury retrograde. My only negative of Self Service is that they have an awful lot of sponsors…


I love Fearne Cotton and her whole energy so when I saw she had started her own podcast, I was so up for it. Happy Place interviews celebrities either in their happy place or about their happy place. I find it is so rare these days that we actually know anything about celebrities as a person. All we hear about is their work or the latest controversy so this podcast is a really nice way to hear from the person behind the celebrity. It is such a beautiful podcast that it really holds you in the moment. I have loved every episode so far but a personal favourite was Dawn French.


This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. All opinions are my own and just that: opinions.


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